GAF&ECE2016 Vendors

2016 Georgia Farm & Erosion Control Vendors

American Drone Industries

American Drone Industries (ADI) is an Atlanta, Georgia drone company that is FAA certified to fly commercially and Section 333 exempt. American Drone Industries was founded in 2014 and has worked in a wide range of industries.
American Drone Industries has been committed to bringing passion and professionalism to the drone industry since its inception in 2014. ADI has presented to many organization on the capabilities of drone technology. ADI has also been featured in local, national, and online news outlets. ADI has the latest in drone technology and in-house post-production talent.

Applied Polymer Systems

Applied Polymer Systems (APS) uses an innovative approach for the performance optimization of polymer applications. Unlike conventional techniques that tend to only “get close”, APS precisely matches the correct polymer to the desired application.

Atlanta Kubota

Atlanta Kubota is the official distributor of Kubota products and high-quality tractors, utility vehicles, mowers, implements, construction equipment, chippers, stump grinders outdoor power equipment, engines and generator sets.

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s (CRK) mission is to advocate and secure the protection and stewardship of the Chattahoochee River, its tributaries and watershed, in order to restore and preserve their ecological health for the people and wildlife that depend on the river system.

Cobb County Soil & Conservation District

The Cobb Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a State of Georgia government entity operating within Cobb County and its local governments. Cobb is one of 40 SWCD across Georgia, working with

Federal, state and local governments,

Non-government entities,

Individual citizens and businesses, and

Teachers & students

to conserve, improve and protect Georgia’s natural resources and promote statewide conservation goals.

Cowart Mulch

Cowart Mulch Products, Inc. is one of the leading mulch manufacturers throughout the Southeast. We make our own products, which means we offer manufacturer-direct pricing, and deliver them with our full fleet of delivery-ready trucks wherever and whenever you need it!

Farm Bureau Georgia

Although Cobb is an urban county, it is the goal of Cobb County Farm Bureau to keep farming alive in the area. As agriculture is the #1 industry in Georgia, we promote AG literacy in our schools and in our community by offering events to raise awareness of farm topics.  From AG in the classroom to Farmers Night Out to our community Farmers Market we strive to be a part of our community and to make our neighbors aware of how important it is for the farmers in our nation to continue providing for everyone.

Georgia Grown

The Georgia Grown program is a marketing and economic development program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Our No. 1 goal is to aid our agricultural economies by bringing together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agritourism and consumers in one powerful, statewide community.
Georgia Grown is also a brand with deep roots in sustainability, quality and integrity. The Georgia Grown brand is desired by business and consumers who want to buy and promote Georgia’s locally grown products.

GSWCC – Erosion & Sedimentation Control Program

The Erosion and Sediment Control Program was set up to improve and protect urban soil and water resources by reducing the amount of erosion from urban development
sites. The program does this through the use of best management practices (BMP’s) as called for in the soil and water conservation districts law and delivered through soil and water conservation districts. The program educates local governments and erosion and sediment control professionals on urban BMPs and certifies professionals to meet Georgia’s standards for land-disturbing activities.

GSWCC – Watershed Flood Control Dams

Georgia has 357 watershed dams. Watershed dams provide flood control, water quality, recreation, and water supply benefits to Georgia citizens.  The Watershed Dams Program was initiated to give financial and technical assistance to ensure that the state’s dams maintain their structural integrity, operate effectively to continue providing community services, and comply with the Georgia Safe Dams Act.


The only performance proven perimeter control utilizing recycled organic waste to retain storm water, filter and bio-remediate accepted nation wide. Proven by research, specified by engineers.


Flexamat® is a permanent erosion control mat utilized for stabilizing slopes, channels, low water crossing, inlet/outlet protection, and shorelines. It consist of concrete blocks (6.5˝ x 6.5˝ with a 2.25˝ profile) locked together and embedded into a high strength geogrid. There is 1.5˝ spacing between the blocks that gives the mat flexibility and allows for optional vegetation growth. The mat is packaged in rolls, making transporting and installing Flexamat® efficient.

FlyWorx LLC – Aerial Drone Services

Drones are changing the world. At FlyWorx we are specialists in aerial videography and photography.

Food Well Alliance

Food Well Alliance, formed in partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank, convenes members of Atlanta’s local food movement who share a common goal to build healthier communities. We work together to transform our local food system and improve our lives.
We address opportunities and challenges to unite and grow the local food system: production, processing, distribution, consumption, and recovery.
Food Well Alliance practices collective impact to convene individuals and organizations within the local food movement, and build consensus to address gaps in the local food system.


GeoHay is a line of sustainable and high performance sediment control and temporary stormwater management that helps to reduce the amount of silt, turbidity, heavy metals and hydrocarbons that could be in the stormwater. Our products are recommended for applications like: curb inlet filters, check dams, grate inlet filters, and ditch checks.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Resources Division

The GA Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Resources Division is charged with conserving, enhancing and promoting Georgia’s wildlife resources, including game and nongame animals, fish and protected plants. The Private Lands Program within the Wildlife Resources Division provides technical assistance to landowners, regardless of property size, who are interested in enhancing wildlife habitat on their land.

Georgia Forestry Commission

The Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) is a dynamic state agency responsible for providing leadership, service and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia’s forest resources.
Vision – Healthy, sustainable forests providing clean air, clean water and abundant products for future generations.
Mission – To provide leadership, service and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia’s forest resources.

Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics is a member supported, non-profit organization connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. Georgia Organics believes food should be community-based, not commodity-based. An outgrowth of a grower’s association established in the 1970s, Georgia Organics is devoted to promoting sustainable foods and local farms in Georgia.
A sustainable local food system is critical to the future of Georgia’s health, environment, and economy. Recognizing this vital need, Georgia Organics builds supply through grower education and outreach, and grows demand on the consumer and business end by encouraging market opportunities for local food.
Georgia Organics has three key goals: To increase the number of organic and sustainable farmers in Georgia, increase the number of children participating in farm to school programs, and increase the number of Georgians eating local, organic food.

Georgia USDA – NRCS

The USDA-NRCS conserves natural resources, especially soil, on private land. Rain falling on the ground enters the soil or runs off the soil surface. We will show that the amount of water that follows either pathway depends upon the amount and intensity of rainfall, soil characteristics and the amount of living or dead plant material covering the soil.

Grasshopper Mower

The Grasshopper Company introduced the first zero-turn mower with dual swing-out levers in 1969. Grasshopper specializes in manufacturing zero-turn riding mowers and grounds maintenance implements, including snow removal equipment, grasscatchers and debris removal equipment, aerators, edgers, sprayers and other year-round productivity solutions.


The DuraWattle is a sediment control BMP designed to be durable and reusable. It can be installed on curbs, soil, or hard surfaces and rebounds instantly after being driven over! The DuraWattle is manufactured in the USA by Heavyweight Sediment Control Solutions.

The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm’s mission is to reduce barriers to healthy living in urban communities by encouraging, promoting and supporting health education and fostering sustainable high-quality, low-cost agricultural production through gardening and agricultural literacy.


Since 1974, Metroquip has carried all Mustang products, as well as brands such as Gehl, Manitou, Wacker Neuson, Husqvarna and Brushmonster. We cary a full line of equipment, from small tools like rotary hammers and chain saws to skid steer loaders, mini-track loaders, mini-excavators, lifts and much more.
Metroquip delivers equipment daily and can ship new and used equipment anywhere in the United States, We have an experienced and dedicated staff ready to serve you and we welcome the opportunity to earn your business!

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

North Georgia Water Planning District (Metro Water District) has implemented one of the most comprehensive regional water management plans in the country. It is staffed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and includes 15 counties and 92 cities.

The NPDES Training Institute

Headquartered in the fastest growing region this side of the Mississippi with very limited water resources, the NPDES Stormwater Training Institute helps general contractors, builders and civil design firms learn and implement modern and effective erosion prevention and sediment control techniques so Georgia will continue down it’s path of strong economic growth.

Piedmont Arborist Consultant, LLC

Piedmont Arborist Consultant services include tree risk assessment, property rights and obligations regarding tree care, maintenance and species selection, and proper pruning techniques. In addition P.A.C. provides safety training to private tree removal companies and local governments.
P.A.C. is a member of the Georgia Forestry Association, Georgia Arborist Association, Georgia Urban Forest Council, Tree Care Industry Association the International Society of Arboriculture and its Southern Chapter. P.A.C. is Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, Certified Arborist and Municipal Specialist with the ISA, certified Tree-Care Safety Professional with TCIA and certified Master Timber Harvester with the GFA.

Silt Saver

Silt-Saver products are designed and manufactured to address specific BMP requirements for sediment control. Utilizing high-quality materials, the products offer strong results on the jobsite. Ease of installation and reduced time spent on maintenance makes these products cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods and practices.

SW Products – Marlee Float skimmer

SW Products, LLC produces The Marlee Float ™ skimmer, which is used in sediment basins during construction to meet surface withdrawal requirements. The Marlee Float™ skimmer has a unique design traps floatables and increases sediment trapping efficiency. Because of its durable HDPE construction it is also suitable for use in permanent basins to enhance water quality and reduce maintenance expense.

The Erosion Control

The Erosion Company (TEC) is the leading Erosion Control and Site Compliance Contractor in the Southeast. TEC works with all segments of the real estate market, from banks and REITS to builders and graders. Our large scale and scope coupled with the industry’s most experienced team allows us to solve erosion and site compliance problems more professionally and more quickly than anyone else.

Tower Garden

Tower Garden® simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home or commercially. You don’t need any gardening experience to use Tower Garden®. Its compact, state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic system fits easily on patios, rooftops, terraces, and—most of all—into a healthy diet.
It’s Healthier, It’s Easier, It’s Smarter!

Two Rivers RC&D

The Two Rivers Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. is a member-based, non-profit that works in partnership with the private and public sector to develop and implement locally led environmental and economic projects throughout the 14 county West Central Georgia area.

UGA Extension Cobb County

The mission of UGA Extension is to extend lifelong learning to the people of Georgia through unbiased, research-based education in agriculture, the environment, communities, youth and families.
UGA Extension helps Georgians become healthier, more productive, financially independent and environmentally responsible. Extension agents stay in touch with issues relevant to people in local communities through county Extension offices.

USDA – Farm Service Agency

Farm Service Agency implements a diverse range of programs that provide an equitable financial “safety net” for the nation’s farmers and ranchers. Programs include commodity loans and program payments. FSA makes direct and guaranteed farm ownership and operating loans. We provide disaster assistance that helps farmers and ranchers recover from natural disasters. FSA also offers conservation programs which help producers invest in conserving and improving soil, water and wildlife resources.

USDA Rural Development

We are committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in rural America. Through our programs, we help rural Americans in many ways.
We offer loans, grants and loan guarantees to support essential services such as housing, economic development, health care, first responder services and equipment, and water, electric and communications infrastructure.
We promote economic development by supporting loans to businesses through banks, credit unions and community-managed lending pools. We offer technical assistance and information to help agricultural producers and cooperatives get started and improve the effectiveness of their operations.
We provide technical assistance to help communities undertake community empowerment programs. We help rural residents buy or rent safe, affordable housing and make health and safety repairs to their homes.
USDA Rural Development has a $212 billion portfolio of loans. We will administer $38 billion in loans, loan guarantees and grants through our programs in the current fiscal year.