Agency Organizational Structure

Cobb SWCD is one of 40 districts across the State of Georgia charged by the State Constitution to help support citizens with the management and improvement of our natural resources. Cobb SWCD relies upon successful partnerships with federal, state and local governments to help accomplish out conservation mission. We are especially grateful for their support and assistance to the District. The following chart attempts to help clarify our role and connection with our partners.

 GSWCC – Georgia Soil and Water Conservation CommissionGeorgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission

The Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) provides soil and water resource

  • Information,
  • Education,
  • Technical, financial, and planning assistance, and
  • Program oversight

to locally led Soil and Water Conservation Districts, landowners/users, and local, state, and federal governments to maintain, conserve, and wisely use the soil and water resources for all Georgians.

NRCS – National Resource Conservation Service

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has worked with Georgia landowners to protect the state’s natural resources for 75 years. NRCS provides technical assistance on natural resources issues and assists individuals, groups, communities, and counties to implement soil and water conservation practices to protect the 34 million acres of privately owned land in Georgia.
The Georgia NRCS works with people through a partnership effort to conserve and protect natural resources by helping people help the land.

Georgia Association of Conservation District Supervisors (GACDS)

The Georgia Association of Conservation District Supervisors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of our state’s natural resources. Our 370 members volunteer in each of Georgia’s 40 soil and water conservation districts to promote conservation, educate citizens about the importance of conservation, and inform policy makers about natural resource issues.
Conservation districts host educational events throughout the year, covering topics such as best management practices for agricultural production, erosion control, water conservation, and improving wildlife habitat. Find out more about upcoming events around the state.

The Rolling Hills Resource Conservation and Development Council

The Rolling Hills RC&D provides leadership in protecting and improving the economic, social and natural resources of residents in the RC&D Area, with a vision of a region

  • That is greener and cleaner than ever before,
  • Where individuals value the natural resources and strive to protect them, and
  • Where urban and rural communities can co-exist in harmony

Cobb County

Cobb County Community Development Agency Erosion and Sediment Control Division is responsible for the enforcement of state law and the county ordinance for erosion & sediment control to preserve the natural resources in Cobb County.

City of Acworth Public Works Department

City of Austell Public Works Department

City of Kennesaw Public Works Department

City of Marietta Engineering Department

City of Powder Springs Public Works Department

City of Smyrna Public Works Department